Christmas Music, as they saw it in 1941

Garrett Wollman
Sun Nov 13 13:50:10 EST 2011

>From /Broadcasting/, December 15, 1941:

	Record Rules

	Restrictions on recordings have been set up at WDAS,
	Philadelphia, by Program Director Harold Davis.  Feeling that
	indiscriminate use of Christmas carols is not good for either
	station, listener or the carol, /Silent Night/ and all other
	standard Yuletide songs have been placed on the restricted
	list with special permission necessary from the program
	department for use.  Absolutely forbidden are swing or jazz
	arrangements of /Silent Night/ and the /First Noel/ though
	such treatment is permissible for /Jingle Bells/.  Restriction
	is also placed on new record releases to avoid plugging.

I suppose in these more tightly-formatted days, jocks at most stations
(that still have jocks) will just be given the holiday songs to be
played on their regular music log as it comes out of Selector (or
whatever other software the station uses for music scheduling).

At least we know that the complaints about Christmas music on the
radio are nothing new....


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