Rush Radio rebrands as Boston Talk 1200
Tue Mar 8 14:19:42 EST 2011

On 3/8/2011 8:57 AM, Sid Schweiger wrote:
> ...and probably won't ever be, unless Arbitron panel members start having cybernetic implants installed.  For advertisers, listeners' attention to their message is the whole enchilada.

Now, if they can implant it in my enchilada they can clarify how it went 
down. I far prefer the implant idea. They can divine my preferences 
whilst I listen to various talkers, akin to a lie detector test, and 
then advertisers can send me stuff that lines up with my thoughts. 
Eventually, the PPM implant can phone my physician and let me know that 
I am in need of major medical work.  The advertisers on the stations 
that I listen to can even send messages to my aging demo about deals on 
caseloads of Maltex available by mail order by midnight tonight.

Bill O'Neill

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