Rush Radio rebrands as Boston Talk 1200

Tue Mar 8 09:46:45 EST 2011

And the meter also contains an IC accelerometer. If the software is
still picking up the encoded IDs from a radio station but does not
detect that the meter is being moved at least every few minutes, the
meter assumes that it is no longer being carried around by a person
and, until motion is again detected, stops crediting the listener with
listening to any station. Pretty clever, but I believe that the job no
longer requires a specially designed and manufactured device. With
appropriate software, today's smart phones (most of which also contain
accelerometers) could do the job, while continuing to act as smart
phones. Use of devices carried by large numbers of people instead of
specialized devices would allow a much larger sample, which could
dramatically improve the accuracy of the ratings.

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> Adding to Bob's description: You wear the meter like a pager.  The
> meter has
> a microphone and listens
> for data embedded in the program audio.  Each station has a unique
> ID.  The
> meter records which
> station it hears throughout the day.  This means if you are in a
> store and
> the guy
> behind the counter is playing ZLX that the meter will record you as
> listening to ZLX.
> -Bob
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>>  Personal People Meters (almost like an old song--it was a one
>> eyed, one
>> horned,
>> flying purple people meter). I think they indicate people might be
>> tuning
>> in for the start of a
>> show then tune out, and the meter reflects this unlike perhaps
>> non-people-meter ratings where
>> credit would be given for the whole show and not just a portion.
>> Garrett
>> made a post recently
>> about this.
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>> On 3/7/2011 3:14 PM, Don wrote:
>> > It appears one of the results of changing over to the PPM system
>> > was >
>> the "big name" memorable air talent has sufferred.
>> OK, what's PPM?
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