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I believe that 44-1 has done something to its video format to make
room in the data stream for 44-5. My TV set is only a 26", so it
doesn't do 1080 X 1920, but it does do 720 X 1280. I think that 44-1
used to be in 720 X 1280. Now, I think it's in 640 X 480. And watching
Nightly Business Report has become quite an annoyance. No matter which
format I select, the numbers on the far right side of the picture (in
particular) but to a lesser extent, also those on the far left side of
the picture, are cut off. I say picture and not screen because, if I
choose the 4 X 3 format (which is the only format that doesn't either
distort the picture or cut off the top and bottom of the picture), the
picture occupies the full screen vertically but does not fill the
screen horizontally. There is a wide vertical black bar beside the
picture between each of the picture's vertical edges and the screen's
nearest vertical edge. Until 44-5 started up, I didn't to have to fuss
with the video format to get NBR to look right and I had no problems
with cut-off numbers at the edges of the picture or loss of some of
the picture at the top and bottom. Often, when the top and bottom of
the picture are cut off, the name and title of the person speaking
disappear off the bottom of the screen.

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>> WGBX 44-5 now has real programming, not just color bars.  "Members
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> Still in HD, as it was during the tests?
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