Canada's vacant AM assignments (Was RE: Potential aux sites for WBZ)

Martin Waters
Fri Jun 17 16:08:27 EDT 2011

--- On Thu, 6/16/11, Jim Hall <> wrote:
> Maybe it's time, in the post-Stanley cup euphoria, to renegotiate the treaty with Canada.

    To do that, ISTM, the United States probably would have to give Canada something in return -- and I haven't yet thought of what that might be.

     Meanwhile, in some cases, U.S. stations have benefited a little from Canadians sutting down -- nighttime interference being reduced.

     One possible limited proposal might be that no new U.S. stations could be assigned but existing U.S. stations would be allowed to increase their nighttime power with a provision that it was temporary -- subject to being discontinued if Canada wanted to use the assignment again. In the real world, that seems highly unlikely.

     But, also in the real world, I wonder how many existing stations would benefit from this, as they'd still be hemmed in by existing interference limits vs. other domestic stations.

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