Has Hot 97 (at 87.7) been raided?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Jun 18 10:52:43 EDT 2011

Unlicensed station "Hot 97" (actually at 87.7) has been off air for a couple days. It was noted on radio-info
 and also on their facebook page, where listeners (who perhaps don't realize the station wasn't legit) were
 wondering "Where are you guys?"; "Are y'all gone or are you coming back?"

 Well, a post on radio-info said they heard the station was raided--the transmitter and antenna were taken.
 I haven't seen anything official online, but this will mark the second station in a little over a month to have been
 raided if so. "Datz Hits" 99.7 had their equipment seized and a $15k fine issued due to complaints from
 listeners of legit WCRB 99.5 --and aircraft radio at Logan. The FCC statement has quotes from U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz about pirate stations interfering with licensed stations and also the possibility of a danger to public safety, etc.


 Anyway, that was Datz Hits which got raided then and now Hot 97 (nickname inspired by the old WBOT-FM)
 may well have met the same fate. (One post on the facebook page of Hot 97 said they were "Here"--online.)

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