Potential aux sites for WBZ

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I guess I omitted my conclusion, which is: WBZ's aux can't radiate
more toward Moncton than the greater of what WBZ's main radiates
toward Moncton or what WBZ's existing aux radiates toward Moncton.
WBZ's main radiates an inverse-distance field of 1071 mV/m @ 1 km
toward Moncton. That's the equivalent of 10 kW ND from a quarter-wave
tower or a bit more than 5 kW from a half wave tower. WBZ's existing
10 kW aux can't have a very efficient radiator, so the 1071 mV/m from
a half-wave tower most likely imposes the limit on any proposed new
aux. A directional signal with a west-facing pattern would be helpful
in covering the market without interfering with Moncton. That leads to
use of the WEZE site and both of its towers (which are more than 1/4
wave at 1030).

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> In this case, I don't think the fact that 1030 is a US Class A
> channel
> makes any difference.>

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