Potential aux sites for WBZ

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In this case, I don't think the fact that 1030 is a US Class A channel
makes any difference. The Moncton station must protect WBZ at the US
border, but I'm pretty sure that Moncton's NIF is established by WBZ's
main signal. The reason anyone would have thought that the Moncton
1030 would be worth building is that it could take advantage of WBZ's
westward-facing pattern, which substantially reduces radiation toward
Moncton. Just like WCBS, which had to reduce the night power of its
aux to protect Class B first-adjacent WAMG, WBZ's aux would run into a
similar constraint in protecting a co-channel Class B in Moncton. (At
25 kW, WCBS's shorter aux tower would radiate more high-angle skywave
than WCBS's main 207-degree stick radiates at 50 kW, so, at night,
WCBS's aux has to cut back to 18 kW or something like that to protect
WAMG. WFAN, which shares its main and aux towers with WCBS, has no
such limitation because the Boston-area first adjacent to WFAN is
WSRO, a (9W) Class D--as opposed to (6-kW) Class B WAMG.)

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> On 6/16/2011 12:54 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> Guess what: WBZ would not have as easy a time as we thought in
>> establishing a replacement aux site. The main problem is a
>> never-to-be-built CP for a station in Moncton NB, exactly 400 miles
>> from Hull, with 30 kW-D and 1 kW-N DA-2. The day and night patterns
>> are similar but not quite identical (modified cardioids using the
>> same
>> three towers and aimed east-northeastward) protecting WBZ. Despite
>> the
>> fact that CBA's old 50 kW-U ND assignment is also for Moncton and
>> is
>> only 40 kHz up the dial, the 1030 assignmemt must be protected as
>> must
>> all Canadian assignments that are notified to the US.
> I'm not so sure - remember that 1030 is a U.S. class A clear
> channel, so the protections that apply would be at the US/Canadian
> border, not at the actual Moncton site, I'd think.
> s

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