Potential aux sites for WBZ

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
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Maybe it's time, in the post-Stanley cup euphoria, to renegotiate the treaty
with Canada. The idea of a class A American station having to protect a
Canadian station that never existed is pretty ridiculous. I can understand
they want to protect their rights on those stations that have recently gone
dark (such as 690 and 940 in Montreal), but we ought to negotiate a "use it
or lose it" clause to get rid of these silly demands on stations that
haven't been on AM for years. If you don't use the frequency after say 10
years, you lose the rights to protection on it. I means WWZN is still
protecting CJRS in Sherbrooke and the Sherbrooke 1510 frequency hasn't been
on the air since 1994 (the CJRS call letters now belong to a Montreal

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Guess what: WBZ would not have as easy a time as we thought in
establishing a replacement aux site. The main problem is a
never-to-be-built CP for a station in Moncton NB, exactly 400 miles
from Hull, with 30 kW-D and 1 kW-N DA-2. The day and night patterns
are similar but not quite identical (modified cardioids using the same
three towers and aimed east-northeastward) protecting WBZ. Despite the
fact that CBA's old 50 kW-U ND assignment is also for Moncton and is
only 40 kHz up the dial, the 1030 assignmemt must be protected as must
all Canadian assignments that are notified to the US. 

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