Potential aux sites for WBZ

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu Jun 16 12:54:08 EDT 2011

Guess what: WBZ would not have as easy a time as we thought in
establishing a replacement aux site. The main problem is a
never-to-be-built CP for a station in Moncton NB, exactly 400 miles
from Hull, with 30 kW-D and 1 kW-N DA-2. The day and night patterns
are similar but not quite identical (modified cardioids using the same
three towers and aimed east-northeastward) protecting WBZ. Despite the
fact that CBA's old 50 kW-U ND assignment is also for Moncton and is
only 40 kHz up the dial, the 1030 assignmemt must be protected as must
all Canadian assignments that are notified to the US. Since WBZ's
inverse-distance field toward this "station" is 1071 mV/m @ 1 km (the
equivalent of ~10 kW ND into a 1/4-wave tower), that's all she wrote,
unless WBZ wants to build a directional facility. That pushes the WEZE
site, with its two 340' towers, higher up on the list of candidate
sites. Using the WEZE site and a pattern that could be synthesized
with WEZE's two existing towers, substantially higher power would be
possible--perhaps as much as 25 kW. The limit would now be WOSO, the
AM 1030 in San Juan PR. Because of its directionl pattern, WBZ's
signal directly to the west of Hull is equivalent to ~100 kW ND into
a 1/2-wave tower, but the signal toward San Juan is the equivalent of
only a little less than 50 kW-ND. With a power of ~25 kW, the pattern
that could be created with WEZE's two widely spaced towers would
probably send the same strength signal toward San Juan as does WBZ's
existing DA-1 pattern.

If WBZ were to strike a deal with Entercom to use WEEI's easternmost
(and shortest) tower, which is 211 degrees at 1030, the power would be
limited to just a bit more than 5 kW ND. WEEI's two other towers are
too tall for 1030.

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