How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Doug Drown
Mon Jun 13 22:09:45 EDT 2011

Screw up 'BZ's flamethrower signal to coastal Maine and I shall be VERY 
unhappy.  -Doug

On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 21:52:16 -0400, Roger Kirk  wrote:

> On 6/13/2011 3:56 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > BTW I assume 68 is still in the Ground Round /HoJo's building that 
> > WBZhelped closed when they made it off-limits to employees after 
> work. > Highprofile arrest of some news talent was the reason. Ground 
> Round > had acaptive audience next door for lunch/dinner. 
> I recall in 1968, that in TV Engineering, HoJo's was referred to by 
> the code word "Annex" as in "he's not here right now, probably over 
> in the Annex.  I'll have him call you when he gets back."

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