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Bob Nelson
Sun Jun 12 09:05:34 EDT 2011

Hmm; though I did a search and found the following list e-mail:

 >>(Gary), May 4 2002: "
 "I was speaking with Mark Watson last night about a good date for the 2nd Boston Radio e-Mail List Get Together and pot luck Cook out. We seem to think that June is the best month - before vacation season goes into full swing. How do you guys feel about Saturday, June 22nd?" ---- Maybe there was one in August in a different year (note this refers to a "_2nd_ Boston Radio e-Mail list Get Together") , but that e-mail says June 22, and as I mentioned, online searches show me that was the day that Darryl Kile was found dead. I think I got the list email by searching for "sockhop gary francis" I also think I remember at the one I went, Mark Watson was there, and someone there was working for a station up in the lakes region of NH (possibly him?) Finally, further searching by me showed posts expressing concern about a possible "rainout" but it didn't get rained out after all. This message, posted on Sun 6/23/02, quoted a message by Gary: "a great time was had by those who showed up.....with a special guest appearance by Donna Halper, who even got a fan phone call on the request line!" The post was by Mark Watson who went on to say, "Thank You Gary for hosting the few of us that showed, for the grill, tent, and many oldies not heard on as you said on the air last night, "Oldies ah-ah-3!!". And it was great to meet Donna Halper, and engage in some interesting and enlightening conversation, and to hear her opinions on where the broadcasting biz is going." So at least my memory of the get-together appearing on June 22 of 2002 may have been correct. You may, again, be remembering a different get together... :) 
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 It was actually Aug 12, 2002.

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