Radio never warned me (regarding Spfld tornado)

Sean Smyth
Thu Jun 9 18:47:02 EDT 2011

On Thu, 6/9/11, Sonny Daye <> wrote:
> In several previous posts it has been
> alleged (although I believe very well
> documented) that radio coverage of the tornadoes on
> Springfield radio was
> seriously lacking. No local coverage or warnings
> broadcast...running "out of
> town" programming during the disaster, and no human to
> contact at the
> station. Isn't it obvious that this is just another case of
> "the bottom
> line" being priority one, rather than service to the
> public? Maybe this
> incident will educate and wake up the public. I can't think
> of any way to
> fix this problem other than having *MORE* government
> control - stronger
> enforcement of whatever  FCC "local service" rules
> exist - or create
> STRONGER rules, rather than letting only the profit motive
> control the radio
> stations.
> Remember, we're talking about the *PUBLIC* *AIR WAVES*! Why
> are stations
> allowed to be run to make profits (using automation, the
> cheapest
> programming they can find, etc.) with *little* regard for
> the service to the
> community?
> -Sonny

Remember that big to-do about Clear Channel in Minot, N.D.?

(I now see that it's more than nine years ago, wow.)

There briefly was an uproar, then it was a return to scheduled programming.

This won't be much different.

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