Radio never warned me (regarding Spfld tornado)

Sonny Daye
Thu Jun 9 15:09:01 EDT 2011

In several previous posts it has been alleged (although I believe very well
documented) that radio coverage of the tornadoes on Springfield radio was
seriously lacking. No local coverage or warnings broadcast...running "out of
town" programming during the disaster, and no human to contact at the
station. Isn't it obvious that this is just another case of "the bottom
line" being priority one, rather than service to the public? Maybe this
incident will educate and wake up the public. I can't think of any way to
fix this problem other than having *MORE* government control - stronger
enforcement of whatever  FCC "local service" rules exist - or create
STRONGER rules, rather than letting only the profit motive control the radio
Remember, we're talking about the *PUBLIC* *AIR WAVES*! Why are stations
allowed to be run to make profits (using automation, the cheapest
programming they can find, etc.) with *little* regard for the service to the

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