WCAP Turns the Big Six-Oh

Bill O'Neill (billohno@gmail.com) billohno@gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 16:26:16 EDT 2011

Passing this along from WCAP PD Ryan Johnston: "This Friday is WCAP's 
60th anniversary. We're going to be doing some remembrances of the past, 
and I wanted to invite you to call in and join us at some point during 
the morning or midday shows. If you keep in touch with any former 
'CAP-ers, let's get in touch with them as well. Thanks."

<harp sfx in> I'm slotted to dial-in sometime after 7:30 or 8 a.m. 
Fridee mawnin' to take a stroll down memory lane <harp sfx out>.

Bill O'Neill

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