WCAP Turns the Big Six-Oh

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Sat Jun 11 09:03:18 EDT 2011

Bill O'Neill wrote" 

Passing this along from WCAP PD Ryan Johnston: "This Friday is WCAP's 
60th anniversary. <harp sfx in> I'm slotted to dial-in sometime after 7:30 or 8 a.m. 
Fridee mawnin' to take a stroll down memory lane <harp sfx out>. 

Bill: It was great to hear you yesterday morning with your rememberances of your time at WCAP. Lots of listeners, 'CAP alumns and even a couple of radio folks who never worked at 243 Central St. either stopped by the station or phoned in. Among the other alums who were heard yesterday (besides you & me) Phil Fink, Gary Francis, George Anthes, there may have been others, but since I was at work I misssed some of the day long broadcast. I did make it over to Central St. on my lunch hour. Two notable radio names who were never on the WCAP payroll called in to offer their congratulations: "Doc" Fuller and a person Clark Smidt called the "dean of Merrimack Valley broadcasters and a class act"  Bruce Arnold from WCCM. 

Among listener comments about their favorite WCAP memories, IMHO the top ones were tuning in for school cancellations on snowy mornings and "Telephone Trading Time", which amazed Ryan Johnston, he dubbed it the original "Craig's List" and even more amazed that someone (yours truly) was able to answer a caller's query on the ground rules of a long-defunct show that were recited at the open of each show. (No mattresses, automobiles, real estate or firearms. Only 3 items per call and only 1 call per week)  

I shared this interesting tidbit during my appearance yesterday: In WCAP's 60 years they've only had 1 studio location, 1 set of call letters, 2 transmitter locations and 2 different owners. How many other broadcast outlets, TV or radio, can come close to that? 

Here's to WCAP for 60 years of local ownership and service to the Greater Lowell & Merrimack Valley 

Mark Watson

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