WCRB to simulcast on 88.7 in R.I.

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Fri Jun 3 13:06:37 EDT 2011

> WCRB will be rebroadcast on WJMF HD-2.   There is no way Bryant's
> students (nor their alums) would allow the current student format to
> be displaced from the main 88.7 signal; there's a pretty serious
> communications curriculum at Bryant.  And especially not now, on the
> cusp of WJMF finally having a real Providence signal.   Remember a few
> years back, when Rhode Island Public Radio quietly talked to Bryant
> about getting morning/afternoon drive on WJMF and the howls of protest
> from the student body?

All of the articles say that WCRB will be on the main analog/HD1 signal of
88.7, and that WJMF will be moved to HD2. It's definitely an unfortunately
development for the students at Bryant. Maybe they could find a translator
to move to the campus of Bryant to rebroadcast the HD2?

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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