Most expensive thing I ever won from a radio station

Paul Hopfgarten
Wed Jul 27 00:34:23 EDT 2011

My two biggest prizes were in 1985, I correctly guessed the only building 
used by an NBA team (at that time) older than the then Boston Garden (The 
Mecca in Milwaukee) and won a limo ride and a pair of tix to a Celtics game 
from WILD (I actually listened to WILD quite a bit in that time frame). I 
think Coach Willy May (sp?) was a bit surprised when he saw I was a white 
guy <G>. (The other irony was that I took a woman that turned out to be 
gay....good radar<LOL>)

Then in 1992, I won a weekend at Hampton Beach (forget which hotel) from 
WRKO, but it had to be before Memorial Day or After Labor Day. Well. my 
ex-wife and I went the weekend of May 14-15 that year and what was most 
fortunate for us.....It was 90 degrees that did NOT hit 90 
degrees again that Summer (actually '92 was one of the colder summers in the 
last 25 years or so).

I also won a $75 Sports Authority Gift Cert from 93.7 in the WEGQ "Eagle" 
days.....I don't actually think I ever got around to using it!

-Paul Hopfgarten

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A co-worker of mine won a car, I think, from Celtics Radio Network
(WRKO at the time). I also was listening to Jerry Williams on the same
station and heard his name mentioned as the winner of a mattress set
("1-800-MATTRES, and leave the last S off for savings") 

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