Bob DeMattia bob.bosra@demattia.net
Mon Jul 25 13:10:50 EDT 2011

My prize history is $600 cash from WVBF,  a WFTQ "14Q" tshirt (which
required going
down to the studios on Front St to retrieve), and a Country 102.5 tshirt.

The first one was the most interesting...

It worked like this:
I had to be the sixteenth caller, or something like that which I was.  The
DJ asks
you a question...mine was "How many radios do you have in your house".  Oh
a 14 year old radio nerd.  I had AM radios, SW radio, walkie-talkies, you
name it.
But I answered "six".

The DJ then says "OK, you have six radios - we'll give you $100 a piece for
Clearly, they wait for your answer first then assign a value per unit based
on your
answer.  But the DJ goofed and then asked "Are you sure you have only six".
this point I could have answered something (a lot) higher.  But I didn't.
[Take foot,
kick self hard].


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