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I once won a prize from WORL. They used to do trivia questions on the afternoon show in the 1960s. The question was "who is the premier of China?" Apparently there were so few people listening that I called in at least half an hour later and won! A Kodak camera! I will give them credit: they sent the camera to me in 3 days. I once won a contest on WMEX and had to traipse in by subway from Meffa to the Brookline Avenue studios to pick up the prize (which didn't work, whatever it was...haha).

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Maynard absolutely was on WORL along with the others listed. However,
Hank Elliot was not on during the winter because he had the 6:00PM to
signoff shift. Since WORL was a daytimer, that shift disappeared in
months when sunset came at or before 6:00PM local time. In those days,
however, the FCC allowed daytimers on regional channels (that is,
Class III-D AMs, such as WORL) to sign year round on AT FULL POWER at
4:00AM local standard time--provided that no co-channel station
complained about interference.. Since 4:00AM EST was 5:00AM EDT, a
Class III-D AM could have uniform full-power sign-on year 'round if it
signed on at 5:00AM local time and no co-channel station complained. I
believe that WORL chose to sign on at 6:00AM. I also recall that WORL
broadcast Cardinal Cushing saying the rosary every morning from 6:15
to 6;30. The rosary broadcast interrupted Greg Finn's AM drive-show
just 15 minutes after it started. Later, when the FCC modified its
early sign-on policy to allow Class III-D stations to commence
pre-sunrise operation at 6:00AM local standard time using a power not
exceeding 500W (less, if 500W interfered--even if only on paper--with
co-channel stations in other western-hemisphere nations) ,the
Archdiocese either moved the rosary broadcasts to WPLM and WPLM-FM or
added the Plymouth stations to the network.

What I don't remember is what shift Maynard held down at WORL. I think
it was 3:00PM to 6:00PM or local sunset, if earlier than 6:00PM.
Maynard moved to WBZ very soon (a few months probably) after WBZ
switched to non-network programming. Maynard already had a
relationship with WBZ; he was already hosting a Sunday AM show on
Channel 4. I don't think it was Community Auditions. (Wasn't that
hosted by Gene Jones?) But if it wasn't Community Auditions, what was

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>> WORL:  Dave Maynard, Stan Richards, Greg Finn, Norm Tulin, Hank
>> Elliott
> This list must be before my family returned to the Boston area.  I
> never heard of Dave Maynard at WORL.
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