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Maynard absolutely was on WORL along with the others listed. However,
Hank Elliot was not on during the winter because he had the 6:00PM to
signoff shift. Since WORL was a daytimer, that shift disappeared in
months when sunset came at or before 6:00PM local time. In those days,
however, the FCC allowed daytimers on regional channels (that is,
Class III-D AMs, such as WORL) to sign year round on AT FULL POWER at
4:00AM local standard time--provided that no co-channel station
complained about interference.. Since 4:00AM EST was 5:00AM EDT, a
Class III-D AM could have uniform full-power sign-on year 'round if it
signed on at 5:00AM local time and no co-channel station complained. I
believe that WORL chose to sign on at 6:00AM. I also recall that WORL
broadcast Cardinal Cushing saying the rosary every morning from 6:15
to 6;30. The rosary broadcast interrupted Greg Finn's AM drive-show
just 15 minutes after it started. Later, when the FCC modified its
early sign-on policy to allow Class III-D stations to commence
pre-sunrise operation at 6:00AM local standard time using a power not
exceeding 500W (less, if 500W interfered--even if only on paper--with
co-channel stations in other western-hemisphere nations) ,the
Archdiocese either moved the rosary broadcasts to WPLM and WPLM-FM or
added the Plymouth stations to the network.

What I don't remember is what shift Maynard held down at WORL. I think
it was 3:00PM to 6:00PM or local sunset, if earlier than 6:00PM.
Maynard moved to WBZ very soon (a few months probably) after WBZ
switched to non-network programming. Maynard already had a
relationship with WBZ; he was already hosting a Sunday AM show on
Channel 4. I don't think it was Community Auditions. (Wasn't that
hosted by Gene Jones?) But if it wasn't Community Auditions, what was

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>> WORL:  Dave Maynard, Stan Richards, Greg Finn, Norm Tulin, Hank
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> This list must be before my family returned to the Boston area.  I
> never heard of Dave Maynard at WORL.
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