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On 7/24/2011 1:41 PM, Donna Halper wrote:

> Yeah at night, you could get WMEX in Gander. Newfoundland.  Arnie 
> Ginsburg used to joke about that all the time.  So, thanks to my old 
> friend Bill Buchanan, former radio editor at several Boston 
> newspapers, I have a March 1957 listing of all the major announcers at 
> the Boston stations, plus the stations near enough to be considered 
> part of the Boston market.  Back then, disc jockeys still could choose 
> some of their own songs, so the record promoters worked the most 
> popular jocks individually.  See if these names ring any bells (some 
> we have already discussed).  My apologies for any egregious typos; 
> also, there is a page 2 of the memo, with stations like WJDA in Quincy 
> and WLLH in Lowell, but I need to find it, so let me start with these:

I remember Bill Buchanan at the Daily Record, which was one of the 
newspapers that my mother used to bring home from the hospital where she 
worked.  He was constantly putting down the Top 40 stations.  I once 
called him up at the paper and told him that there were some people who 
liked that music.  He said that I didn't know how it came about that 
some stations started playing that kind of music and hinted at something 
sinister, which he wouldn't tell me unless I came to see him in person.  
I would have liked to, but I had no way of getting in town at that time.

> WMEX:  (this was before they went top-40) Jay McMaster, Al Burns, Joe 
> Grant, Dave Tucker

I remember a Joe Grant who was the sole announcer on WBZ-FM in the late 
1950s, when they did separate programs of classical music from 5:00 PM 
sign on until midnight.

> WCOP:  Jim Dixon, John Scott, Bill Clark, Tom Evans

I think I remember Jim Dixon on WNAC at some point.  I don't remember 
him on WMEX.  I do remember the others.

> WNAC:  Fred Lang, Gus Saunders, Bill Hahn, Vin Maloney

Not Nelson Churchill?  I heard him on WNAC at a very young age.  When I 
first heard of Winston Churchill, I thought they were related.

> WORL:  Dave Maynard, Stan Richards, Greg Finn, Norm Tulin, Hank Elliott

This list must be before my family returned to the Boston area.  I never 
heard of Dave Maynard at WORL.

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