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Sun Jul 24 15:27:45 EDT 2011

At 01:41 PM 7/24/2011, Donna Halper wrote:

See if these names ring any bells

>George Fennell

I would consider George a legendary Boston broadcaster. Two decades 
later I used to watch Five All Night.

>Wally O'Hara

There's a name I don't hear much. Wally was an instructor at the 
Northeast School of Broadcasting when I was student there in 1972-73.

>Dave Maynard

Who knew then where he would end up doing morning drive.

>Arnie Ginsburg

The only Boston DJ (AFAIK) who had an album in the "Cruisin" series.

>Carl deSuze

I remember hearing that DeSuze at first refused to play Elvis, but 
changed his mind after management made it plain that either he would 
play Elvis or they would hire someone else who would.

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