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On 7/22/2011 4:29 PM, Donna Halper wrote:

> Back to the old WORL for a minute.  It had some beloved personalities, 
> and in the early to mid 1940s, was known for the "920 Club," 15-minute 
> blocks of songs by popular artists.  Bob Perry was the host.  WORL 
> (both old and new) did not pay talent well-- they got a lot of their 
> announcers from broadcasting schools like Leland Powers or Cambridge 
> School of Broadcasting (later Grahm Jr College).  The WORL announcer I 
> remember as a kid was Stan Richards, who came over from WCOP when Alan 
> Dary left there in 1956.  Lots of amazing personalities worked for 
> WORL in the 50s, as has been noted, including Alan Dary, Norm 
> Prescott, Dave Maynard, and Norm Tulin.

Circa 1957-58, they had a Sunday morning children's hour, which 
considerately came _after_ and not during WHDH's Children's Playhouse.  
The show mostly featured various children's records, and I think 
birthdays.  When we first discovered it, it was hosted by "Uncle Norm," 
then he left the station and it was "Uncle Duane."  There was someone 
else after Uncle Duane, whom I can't remember, and then I stopped 
listening.  You may have some idea who these people were.

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