Could News Corp lose right to broadcast in the US

Doug Drown
Thu Jul 21 12:00:53 EDT 2011

I remember when I was a kid growing up in central Mass. in the '50s and 
'60s, there would be an occasional momentary slip-up either with the 
networks' microwave feeds or with the local stations' commercials, and 
we'd receive a few seconds of New York's 2, 4 or 7.   It seldom 
occurred, but it was amusing (and kind of cool) when it did.   -Doug

On Thu, 21 Jul 2011 14:12:14 +0000, Kevin Vahey  wrote:
There was a time that Black Rock considered WCBS-TV the network. ABC 
and NBC at least went black during local breaks - CBS kept feeding 
channel 2. 
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> are correct. Many decades ago this is how the FCC  controlled the TV 
> nets. They regulate the but by regulating their outlets, and  their 
> O&O's, the FCC essentially controlled the nets also.  Mike
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> >>>That said:  Murdoch hasn't been convicted of a  thing...yet.  
> However, as a US citizen and the principal stockholder of  the News 
> Corporation, his licenses are at risk should he or another officer of 
>  the licensee were to be convicted of a crime.  His US networks (Fox 
> News,  Fox Business, Fox TV, etc.) are not subject to government  
> licensing.<<<<

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