Could News Corp lose right to broadcast in the US

Sid Schweiger
Tue Jul 19 07:12:31 EDT 2011

"There will be lots of smoke here but no fire. Some pols will use stripping News Corp. of their licenses as campaign-trail fodder, but the FCC commissioners (when was the last time someone was stripped of a license at renewal time?) will probably look the other way."

Not necessarily.  The FCC has revoked licenses after felony convictions (the last one just a few years ago, a Midwest small group owner convicted of possessing child pornography), and remember from the RKO-General example that not all such transgressions need occur on American soil.

An article in yesterday's NYTimes indicates that Murdoch's typical MO is to buy his way out of trouble (his companies have something like $12 billion in readily liquid cash), but I have a feeling this one is out of his league.

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