Could News Corp lose right to broadcast in the US

Sean Smyth
Mon Jul 18 16:16:31 EDT 2011

On Mon, 7/18/11, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
> NY POST is being looked at carefully
> by the Daily News - some 'issues' have come up.
> Very thin ice I would say...

Some things at play here ...

1. There will be lots of smoke here but no fire. Some pols will use stripping News Corp. of their licenses as campaign-trail fodder, but the FCC commissioners (when was the last time someone was stripped of a license at renewal time?) will probably look the other way.

2. I'm not sure of the corporate structure here -- I'm almost certain the print side is firewalled from the broadcast side, but someone else would know better. 

3. Murdoch gets in too much trouble and decides he no longer wants the Post, it's going out of business. He probably owns a few other smaller papers (that he got from Dow Jones) that would meet the same fate. 

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