Red Sox games

Chris Hall
Wed Jul 13 01:46:07 EDT 2011

We had already moved 107.9 to the Pru at the start of WWEL-FM which coincided with the change from country
to Bonneville programmed Beautiful music.  The night baseball decision was not popular but may be a short term
way to bring in revenue to take the station to the next level.  Joe Kruger thought there might be a good crossover
demographically between the Red Sox and beautiful music listeners for getting a new audience sample the station.
It did not pan out and was cancelled when Bonneville went apoplectic with a threat to pull the service which they
finally did moving it to the old WCOP-FM as the new WHUE.  An abrupt overnight decision was made for a format                                                                    change to disco. Though the BM format was still healthy at the time (most of Heftels other stations were BM) having                                                                  three in the market and not having either Bonneville or Shulke (WJIB) was the deciding factor.

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