Baseball radio in the Northeast

A. Joseph Ross
Wed Jul 13 16:49:28 EDT 2011

On 7/13/2011 7:18 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Now how Dick Richmond got the Sox to move to WMEX from WHDH after the 1975 regular season was the head scratcher. The first night playoff game fans to the west of Boston couldn't hear the games.

My father, who lived in Bedford at the time, said that he couldn't 
understand why a major league club was on minor-league stations.  He 
included channel 38 in that, since their signal wasn't all that great in 
Bedford either.

> Yawkey was angry that new HDH owner Blair had changed the format from MOR to soft Top 40 and Richmond then flipped MEX to MOR.

One of many examples of why Yawkey was an inept team owner.  The Sox 
would have been better off staying on WHDH, and Yawkey shouldn't have 
worried about the station's music format.

At one time, my father started to tell me about some great trades the 
Red Sox had made, and I replied that the Red Sox would never have a 
winning team until they traded Tom Yawkey.  The success of the Red Sox 
in recent years, now that they have an ownership with the business 
ability to back up a winning team, suggests that maybe I was right.

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