is the list still alive???

Garrett Wollman
Wed Jan 12 00:05:51 EST 2011

<<On Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:47:57 -0500, Donna Halper <> said:

> There have been other recent events too that received no comment.
> Is Garrett away?  Is the list on vacation?  Just curious.

This list is what you, the readers, make of it -- I just run the
thing.  We have many regulars here -- like you, Donna -- who are much
more tied it to what's going on in local broadcasting these days than
I am.

Perhaps I should have noted last week when I found that my local
Comcast system here in Framingham had picked up NHPTV's 11.3
subchannel (with the correct AFD even!), and someone at TiVo, NHPTV,
or Tribune Media Services fixed the issue that caused the HD feed of
11.1 not to show up in the TiVo EPG, despite having been on cable here
for about six months (channel 801).  I might also have commented on
the reappearance of "The Woodwright's Shop", a hand-tools-only
woodworking show produced by UNC-TV in North Carolina, and wondering
how it was able to survive when Norm Abram's "New Yankee Workshop"
went out of production in 2008.

I am not consuming much in the way of local broadcast these days,
other than WBZ in AM drive and WBUR overnights (when they have exactly
two minutes per hour of local content, hi Eli).  There's nothing local
on local TV worth watching until the baseball season starts up
again[1] -- and these days I watch almost nothing live.  I have about
fifty hours of stuff on the TiVo waiting to be watched.  I am sadly
just about to the point of being able to tolerate the compression on


[1] OK, I will occasionally watch the Bruins on NESN when they're
playing my hometown team, since that's the only way I can see that
game -- other feeds are blacked out.

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