LPFM in Ellsworth/Deer Isle area?

Larry Weil kc1ih@mac.com
Sat Jan 8 12:04:56 EST 2011

At 8:00 AM -0500 1/8/11, Doug Drown wrote:
>While we're talking about WRMO, I'm curious about something: I live 
>near Blue Hill, and for the past six months or so there has been a 
>local station broadcasting on an occasional basis on 91.3.   The 
>format is Christian --- preaching by Alastair Begg, James Dobson, 
>the same people heard on many of the Salem and Blount stations. 
>When this signal comes in, it's loud, clear, and --- it would seem 
>--- very nearby.  But it's only spasmodic.  The terrain is such 
>around here that normally on 91.3 I pull in WMEW from Waterville on 
>one side of town and the CBC from Saint John on the other.  This new 
>station, when it's on, drowns both out.  Its range, however, is 
>limited --- I can't get it in Ellsworth.  
>Strange.  Could this be a pirate?  A station from elsewhere that I'm 
>picking up only under certain weather conditions?  I'm three miles 
>from the ocean.    -Doug

It could be someone who listens to one of the religious channels on 
Sirius or XM and uses a receiver that has an FM transmitter to get 
the signal into a standard FM receiver.  Some of these units will put 
out an FM signal even if they are connected to a stereo with an audio 

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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