Touch FM 106.1

Sat Aug 6 14:41:57 EDT 2011

I heard this pirate for the first time this morning on my car radio in
my basement garage in Arlington Heights near Route 2 and the Lexington
line. Sounded quite professional and just loaded with spots. If they
aren't giving away the time, they might be making a fair amount of
money--especially considering that pirates don't pay music-licensing

Signal was fair. Can anybody tell me the general area they are
transmitting from, how much power they are running, and approximately
how high the antenna is? I assume the transmitter location is
somewhere in Roxbury, Dorchester, or Mattapan. If trops weren't
involved in today's reception, I'd imagine that they could be running
as much as 250W from an antenna 50' or so above ground. As far as I
could tell, the unlicensed station was not interfering with WROR 105.7
or WMJX 106.7. There might have been interference to 106.3 in Nashua
or Woonsocket but AFAIK, I am well outside both of those Class A
stations' 54-dBu contours and, in fact, I did not catch either one of

Dan Strassberg (
eFax 1-707-215-6367

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