2010 Marconi Awards

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Oct 2 15:49:22 EDT 2010

At 03:39 PM 10/2/2010, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>This year also marked the return of CBS properties to the Marconis.
>CBS had withdrawn its NAB membership as a result of a dispute with the
>NAB. (I can't remember what the dispute was about but surely, somebody
>else here does.) Anyhow, my understanding is that, to be nominated for
>a Marconi, a station or other entity must be, or be the property of,
>an NAB-member company.

Umm, I've been one of the judges in the past (and recently too) and 
WBZ absolutely was nominated in previous years, so maybe the "must be 
an NAB-member" rule isn't as hard and fast as some might think.

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