2010 Marconi Awards

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This year also marked the return of CBS properties to the Marconis.
CBS had withdrawn its NAB membership as a result of a dispute with the
NAB. (I can't remember what the dispute was about but surely, somebody
else here does.) Anyhow, my understanding is that, to be nominated for
a Marconi, a station or other entity must be, or be the property of,
an NAB-member company. When CBS rejoined the NAB, it strongly
encouraged the nomination of its stations for Marconis. I have the
feeling that stations may be allowed to nominate themselves. That
sounds horrible, but it isn't; it seems to be commonplace for awards
given to members of trade associations.

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>> From All Access:
>> Winners of the 2010 MARCONI AWARDS, handed out at a gala in
>> the NAB/RAB RADIO SHOW THURSDAY night, included:
>> Legendary Station: CBS RADIO News-Talk WBZ-A/BOSTON
> They were making a big deal of this, and apparently some sort of
> ratings victory as well, during the morning and midday news on
> Friday.
> They noted that this was WBZ's third Marconi win, after
> "major-market
> station" and "news/talk station" honors in recent years.
> -GAWollman

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