Car antennas

Sid Schweiger
Tue May 11 07:22:39 EDT 2010

"Does anyone know of a good after-market AM radio and/or antenna I should consider?"

Anything AC/Delco made, about 30-40 years ago.

In all seriousness.  Those were the last really good AM car radios made.  I know of at least one station that used one as an air monitor.  I know of an engineer who built one into an old lunchbox along with some 12v batteries and a whip antenna and had himself a really nice portable.

The down-side is:  The AM noise floor is much higher than it used to be.  If the electronics in the car don't get you, the minimally-filtered switching power supplies in computers, LED traffic signals and elsewhere will, not to mention AM stations running HD which will fill that nice wide bandwidth with digital hash.

If you're up for it, start looking in junkyards.  You can usually pick one up for a low price.

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