Classical Radio on the ropes.....

Ron Bello
Thu Mar 25 11:19:24 EDT 2010

Unlike many FM stations that  have sold for 50 to 100 million over 
the past 10 years,
KING FM has not debt.  "We have no mortgages"  Operating costs are generally
low for a classical station.

They are not in financial trouble.

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>>I don't think they're necessarily in trouble.  It's just that 
>>there  are very few commercial classical stations left.
>Yeah, that's the point.  They were/are in trouble.
>Apparently there is not enough commercial revenue available for them 
>to survive.
>>KING  is simply adjusting to this reality, and wants to stay 
>>competitive with other classical music providers, particularly in 
>>regards to the internet.
>I hardly think this was a move "to stay competitive".  I think it 
>was a move to "survive".
>>They have enough of a following in their area that they 
>>can  probably bring in as much revenue, if not more, by using 
>>the  underwriting/donation model as opposed to selling commercials 
>>at this  point.
>Time will tell!

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