Classical Radio on the ropes.....

Thu Mar 25 01:48:56 EDT 2010

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>I don't think they're necessarily in trouble.  It's just that there  are 
>very few commercial classical stations left.

Yeah, that's the point.  They were/are in trouble.

Apparently there is not enough commercial revenue available for them to 

> KING  is simply adjusting to this reality, and wants to stay competitive 
> with other classical music providers, particularly in regards to the 
> internet.

I hardly think this was a move "to stay competitive".  I think it was a move 
to "survive".

> They have enough of a following in their area that they can  probably 
> bring in as much revenue, if not more, by using the  underwriting/donation 
> model as opposed to selling commercials at this  point.

Time will tell!

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