Classical Radio on the ropes.....

A. Joseph Ross
Fri Mar 26 00:57:27 EDT 2010

On 25 Mar 2010 at 11:19, Ron Bello wrote:

> Unlike many FM stations that  have sold for 50 to 100 million over the
> past 10 years, KING FM has not debt.  "We have no mortgages" 
> Operating costs are generally low for a classical station.
> They are not in financial trouble.
That depends on what you mean by financial trouble.  The station may 
not owe money, but it could be at the point where income no longer 
covers operating costs.  That was the problem at WJIB that motivated 
Bob to do his annual fund-raising appeal.  The choice is either to 
become more aggressively commercial to make enough money to pay the 
bills and produce a decent profit for the owners or to go non-
commercial and rely on fundraising.

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