Re(3): Disappearing messages to the list

Mon Mar 15 10:13:36 EDT 2010

My theory is so complex, nobody will believe it. I think there is a
much better than even chance that my disappearing-message problem is
beyond Garrett's control.

One list member wrote me privately that, while he has no idea of the
cause, he suspects that my problem might lie either in my Outlook
Express settings (could be--but I'm skeptical) OR in the settings at
ATT/Yahoo, which has become my e-mail provider but not my ISP. (My ISP
is now Covad.) Last night, I searched my settings at my Webmail site looking for filters that Yahoo might have
slipped in. I still suspect a filter (and a damned sophisticated one
at that) but if it exists, it is apparently not one that I can
disable. I believe that this filter blocks my receipt of messages that
I originated and that are being transmitted to me by a list server.
And it's even more sophisitcated than that--when it identifies such a
message this fiendish filter somehow retains enough data about the
message to block subsequent attempts to transmit it to me via ANY

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> On 14 Mar 2010 at 11:54, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> Sending this message to see whether, perhaps, the list doesn't
>> distribute messages unless the list name appears in the To: field.
>> In
>> the previous version of this message, only Garrett's name appeared
>> on
>> the To: field; the list's name appeared in the CC: field.
> I always get posts with the list name in the CC: field.  I've been
> getting all of your posts.  Are you getting other posts that are not
> addressed directly to you?  Have you re-subscribed to the list from
> your correct address after Garrett unsubscribed your non-working
> address?
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