Disappearing messages to the list

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Mar 14 00:14:59 EST 2010

I am going nuts trying to find out why messages that I send to the
list seem to be disappearing and how I can keep that from happening.
In the past, when I have sent a message to the list, I could count on
a copy coming back to me from the list. So if there was one copy in my
Sent messages folder and another copy in my Inbox, both with the same
timestamp, I could be pretty sure that the message had gone out to the

Now, that no longer seems to happen, which means that I have no way of
knowing that the message has gone out to list members. I have even put
myself on the cc: list of such messages and have also tried Bccing
myself. In such cases, not only have I not received a copy of my
message from the list, I have not received the cc: or Bcc: copies. As
I say, it's driving me nuts!

The only way I have succeeded in getting a copy of my outgoing
messages to the list into my Inbox has been to "print" a copy of the
message to a .mdi (Microsoft Document Imaging) file on the Windows
desktop and then attach the .mdi file to a new message that I send to
myself. This procedure is way too convoluted and time consuming to
perform on a routine basis and it proves nothing about whether the
original message was distributed to the list.

Now, for the record, I am using Windows XP and my e-mail client is
Outlook Express V6. There has been one major change in my setup within
the past two weeks and the mysterious disappearance of messages may
coincide with this change, but I am not sure that it did. My ISP, AT&T
Worldnet, has dumped its DSL customers in this part of the country but
is continuing to provide e-mail service to former Worldnet
subscribers. Our ISP has been migrated to Covad Communications.
Nevertheless, we get and can send Webmail via a Web site named
http://att.my.yahoo.com and we continue to get/send POP3/SMTP mail via
our existing e-mail clients and AT&T's servers,
ipostoffice.worldnet.att.net for POP3 and  imailhost.worldnet.att.net
for SMTP. (I much prefer using Outlook Espress to using the balky,
quirky, att.my.yahoo Web site.)

Also, we can no longer directly receive mail addressed to
<unsername>@worldnet.att.net. When Worldnet started (1997, IIRC),
worldnet.att.net was the ONLY permitted domain name. Shortly, however
(I think after less than a year), AT&T added the more convenient
att.net domain. At that time and until two weeks ago, subscribers and
those who sent mail to them could use either form of the domain name,
that is, either @att.net or @worldnet.att.net. Now we have been told
that ONLY the @att.net domain name will be accepted. It took me at
least four full business days and more than 16 hours on the phone on
hold trying to reach Tech Support to find out that, although
subscribers MUST expunge "worldnet" from their e-mail addresses, we
MUST NOT expunge "worldnet" from the POP3/SMTP server names in our
local e-mail setups. For those who want to ensure continued delivery
of mail addressed to <username>@worldnet.att.net, a Web site named
www.emailchange.com (unaffiliated with either AT&T or Covad) provides
free forwarding. I have already set up that service.

Anyhow, if anyone can explain why I no longer seem able to receive
copies of my own messages from the Boston Radio Interest list and what
I can do to remedy that situation, I'd be much obliged.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
eFax 1-707-215-6367

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