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Fri Mar 12 12:45:00 EST 2010


 In some areas of our building, people can use boom boxes provided they're not a nuisance to others. With WMKK coming in well, that is usually the station heard (though a woman sorting "flats" near me a wk or so ago had the Bruins game on WBZ-FM) In the past when the Sox were on WRKO, someone had a boombox in the Express Mail section and got RKO well enough to have the Sox games on.
People didn't mind. Now that just about all games are on WEEI (some are on RKO when there
are Celtics conflicts, like this Sunday afternoon), that doesn't work. But generally people are
advised to use a Walkman.

There is so much noise in  that place--deafening at times--and a Walkman would be preferred but again,
as long as a boombox doesn't disturb others...of course if the boombox has a headphone jack I could
do something like broadcast the signal to my own Walkman via a mini FM transmitter on a freq like 88.5

What I do now is use one Sony Walkman (the AM-FM model you see at stores for about $35) and place it on a narrow ledge near the edge of the building. I plug in a Maxell mini-FM transmitter
(palm sized, round) and re-broadcast the signal to my own Walkman.

The Walkman: http://admintrix.com/items/Big/SON9-SRFM37V.jpg

The FM transmitter: http://www.deals.com/images/deals/66e436d1-6e33-4340-a74f-a4b8c16b2ae9/maxelltransmit1.JPG

(just to give people an idea of how I can hear WRKO or WEEI at work...though the Insignia portable should hopefully pick up the WMKK-HD 3 signal)




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