Thu Mar 4 14:23:59 EST 2010

 OK; had thought that it was being talked about at least (the poss. of her being run on WWZN) 
That schedule does seem to be in flux and I don't know if the Revolution Boston site is consistent with
what airs. They aren't the only one; the Complete Schedule page on WRKO's site said that Red Eye
Radio was to be on last night (apparently they weren't going to do Howie reruns when Howie had
fill ins, like was the case with Avi Nelson yesterday) but I have been told they ran Howie-with-Avi-
filling in last night on the overnight, anyway.

Years ago I read a book called Talk Radio and the American Dream by Murray Levin; may read again
either at a library or picking up a used copy. Jerry Williams used to mention it on focused on
him and also Avi Nelson, IIRC.



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