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Randi Rhodes is not on WWZN. The hosts who have been on overnight are Mike Malloy 10:00PM to midnight, Norman Goldman midnight to 3:00AM, and Leslie Marshall 3:00AM to 5:00 or 6:00AM. However, Malloy sometimes disappears and may sometimes be moved to a different slot; it's hard to follow. On a recent night I caught Thom Hartmann in the 10:00 to midnight slot. On another recent night I heard Norman Goldman in that slot. I didn't check to see who was filling Goldman's slot that night. I have no idea whether the cause of these schedule changes is technical difficulties or something else. I have never heard an announcement on the air promoting schedule changes, but I have the impression that Jeff Santos doesn't care--except _maybe_ if there are hours of dead air.

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 Wonder what other Premiere content could wind up there; they do have Randi Rhodes but she's
not conservative (and I wonder if WWZN is running it overnight or something?) 

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