Thu Mar 4 12:44:05 EST 2010

The Rush Radio schedule page is up; indeed Rush "encores" will air 6-9 am weekdays for a few
weeks. On weekends there are some to-be-announced slots, some Rush, Hannity, and Beck
encores plus Sunday nights will have Bill Cunningham (had been on RKO; he inherited the
Matt Drudge slot) and Handel on the Law.

Wonder what other Premiere content could wind up there; they do have Randi Rhodes but she's
not conservative (and I wonder if WWZN is running it overnight or something?) Premiere has
Dr Laura (maybe on one of the Salem Comm. stations now?) and other hosts...including Jesus
Christ. Not making that up; a tape trader in L.A. had sent some of it to me. An advice show hosted by
someone who calls himself Jesus Christ. (from the show's site: "Nationally syndicated, the Jesus Christ show can be heard across the US. The producer of the the Jesus Christ show, Neil Saavedra, likens the show to a history teacher dressing up like Abraham Lincoln or Benjamin Franklin to help people put flesh on the bones of history.") Don't know if that will run..


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