With 940 now officially vacant

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 16:15:13 EDT 2010

I believe that was the case with 860

860 lives on I suspect partly as the CBC/CRTC just doesn't want to
move the french signal in TO to FM. How ironic that you can hear
Radio-Canada in the eastern US but CBC depends on Windsor now.

1070 should have been allowed to live but

I wish CFRB had gotten 740 but the reality is AM in downtown Toronto
is almost useless thanks to the TTC wires.

On 6/22/10, Jim Hall <aerie.ma@comcast.net> wrote:
>>Certainly CFCF and CFRB deserved better than what they got.
> Wasn't CFRB originally on 860 and was forced to move to 1010 because the CBC
> wanted the better signal on 860 for CJBC?
> Also, does CFRB still broadcast on shortwave (CFRX)? I used to listen to
> them, CHNS/CHNX, and CFCF/CFCX on their shortwave stations

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