CINF 690 and WRKO
Tue Jun 15 10:46:34 EDT 2010

I didn't realize that CINF wasn't using the old CBF tower.  Why?

Quoting "Dan.Strassberg" <>:
> Unlike CBF, which was ND-U from a tower whose efficiency probably met
> the requirements for a US Class A, CINF used minimally efficient
> towers and was directional to the north, albeit not strongly. (Canada
> does not seem to require the higher efficiency of its Class As that
> the US requires, but some, such as CJBC and CFZM, meet it anyhow.)
> Because of the DA, CINF's signal to the south was not even quite equal
> to 10 kW ND from towers of minimum Class B efficiency. During the
> period when Montreal's legacy Class A signals (that is 690 and 940)
> were off the air, co-channel and first-adjacent AMs in the US got a
> nice free ride on interference, but even when CINF and CINW returned,
> things were a lot better for the US stations than they had been in the
> days of CBF and CBM. I wonder if the US stations' NIF values were ever
> recalculated. 
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> > Just curious: Has the recent demise of Montreal's CINF affected the
> > night signal of WRKO in any significant way in the western suburbs
> > of Boston as well as points north and farther west?  I know Kevin
> > said 'RKO came in loud and clear during his recent trek through
> > Indiana, but I'm talking New England, in parts of which 690 used to
> > blast 'RKO away at night.  -Doug
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