CINF 690 and WRKO

Tue Jun 15 10:41:48 EDT 2010

Unlike CBF, which was ND-U from a tower whose efficiency probably met
the requirements for a US Class A, CINF used minimally efficient
towers and was directional to the north, albeit not strongly. (Canada
does not seem to require the higher efficiency of its Class As that
the US requires, but some, such as CJBC and CFZM, meet it anyhow.)
Because of the DA, CINF's signal to the south was not even quite equal
to 10 kW ND from towers of minimum Class B efficiency. During the
period when Montreal's legacy Class A signals (that is 690 and 940)
were off the air, co-channel and first-adjacent AMs in the US got a
nice free ride on interference, but even when CINF and CINW returned,
things were a lot better for the US stations than they had been in the
days of CBF and CBM. I wonder if the US stations' NIF values were ever

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> Just curious: Has the recent demise of Montreal's CINF affected the
> night signal of WRKO in any significant way in the western suburbs
> of Boston as well as points north and farther west?  I know Kevin
> said 'RKO came in loud and clear during his recent trek through
> Indiana, but I'm talking New England, in parts of which 690 used to
> blast 'RKO away at night.  -Doug

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