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The Bradford was at 275 Tremont Street and is now a Marriott Courtyard.. However, 
they are not selling any one-bedroom apartments as someone stated on Boston Radio Interest  (for $40,00). LOL.  
The WCOP "model" studios in Copley Square were in the New England Mutual Building
at 485 Boylston Street for at least part of the time that COWLES owned the station
and when PLOUGH had it.
WNAC was at 21 Brookline Avenue, but extended into the hotel. Last time I looked, the area that used to be the front door still had Yankee Network etched into the stone.    (Tom Heathwood) 
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  At 07:42 AM 6/1/2010, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
  >I found a Web page for a collectable picture-postcard of the old
  >Bradford Hotel. You can buy a copy of the card for ~$15.00. A copy of
  >the card appears on the Web page, but the postcard itself does not
  >provide a usable street address--the address is given only as Boston
  >16, Mass (remember the old two-digit postal codes?). Without an exact
  >street address, I can't confirm that another hotel now occupies the
  >building (or the lot) on which the Bradford used to stand.

  The Bradford Hotel was built in 1927 as the Elks Hotel, if my memory 
  serves.  I have two postcards from its Bradford days-- one that is 
  just the hotel, and another which has the same view of the building 
  but a caption that says "home of WBZ".  WBZ began its Boston life in 
  1924 at the long since defunct Hotel Brunswick, moved briefly to the 
  Statler in 1927, and then moved to the Bradford, where it remained 
  throughout the 1930s and into the 40s till the Soldiers Field Road 
  move.  During the 70s and 80s, the Bradford hosted many seminars, 
  including EST trainings.  These days, it's a Marriott.

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