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Does anyone remember the young lady who tried to continue the Sunday night
show on 1600 after Kenny passed away? If memory serves, she was about 18 and
interested in broadcasting, and her father leased the time. 

Damn...I wish I could run down to Ken's at Copley and grab a Kenny Mayer

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Yes, Kenny Mayer's phone number on the one-way line.  Do you remember when
he tried the phone lines to include the caller on the air?  Kenny tried it
and canned it in his inimitable manner. 
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> For many of us on this list you know what I am referring to :)
> Those of us who enjoyed radio in Boston at night back then have huge
> shared memories but if you talk to non-media people they have their
> memories as well.
> If you were a night person AM was your friend. There was no late night
> TV past 2:30 AM after channel 4 ran some 40's movie.
> So in Boston we had
> 590- WEEI Music Till Dawn light classical
> 680 WNAC - I think they simulcast WOR
> 850 WHDH - Norm Nathan - I loved his intro music
> 1030 WBZ - Dick Summer
> 1150 WCOP - no recollection
> 1510 WMEX - Glick
> Sunday Night - early Monday it was Ken Mayer at 1600 and Norm at 850
> as everybody else was off air. WBZ signed off at Midnight on Sunday
> and then would fire up the Allston back up.
> My point is Ken Mayer is known by a lot of non-radio people 40 years
> later because it was him or Nathan.
> I miss those days.
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