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Kevin Vahey
Wed Jun 2 02:14:28 EDT 2010

WCOP was the strongest signal in Cambridge as well.

But as a Top 40 they didn't have a north shore signal and they didn't
have Arnie.

MEX even in Cambridge had problems with WKBW and WPTR was like a local
at night - yet had problems in downtown Albany

My mother used to call her sister in West Newton to play Jerry
Williams over the phone.

On 6/2/10, A. Joseph Ross <> wrote:
> On 1 Jun 2010 at 11:21, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> When did WCOP move the studio to the Lexington xmtr? I know in 68 they
>> were there and FM was run by a Gates automation system.
> I remember that around 1960-61, they had automated separate classical
> music programming on FM, which they said was originating from their
> transmitter in Lexington.  I suspect the AM was originating from
> there, too because at least two of their DJs lived in Bedford.  I
> believe Paul Knight was one; I don't remember who the other one was.
> In Bedford the WCOP signal was as strong as WBZ. It was a very
> popular station among local teens, and their DJs were frequently
> hired to do record hops at the high school.  The WMEX signal had
> problems in Bedford, especially at night, when it sometimes was
> overwhelmed by WKBW.  Once I saw WPTR mentioned in the school
> newspaper as a station that people listened to.
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